【Our Accounting Report for Japanmarkt 2013】

Thank you for coming to Japanmarkt 2013 on 19 May. We hope you enjoyed our Japanese curry and rice!

Total amount collected: 1461.20 euro (including donation 64.20 euro)
The profit, 1214.31 euro, is donated to: Hatachi Fund http://hatachikikin.com/en_about

Those who want to have a look at our accounting report, visit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7xjzyCilhHxYUFuZFMyWDNMTDA/edit?usp=sharing .


What Is Japanese Curry Rice?

Curry came to Japan from UK in Meiji era, but what we eat today is quite different from the very original one in India or the one in Europe. Since Japanese people often eat rice, curry has been developed to be a good topping to steamed rice.
     Japanese curry is made up of curry roux, onion, carrot, potato and meat/seafood. By using roux (mixture of spice and flour) curry becomes sticky, which makes it easier to eat with rice.

From Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
http://www.maff.go.jp/j/agri_school/a_menu/curry/01.html (simple Japanese, a page for children)

For more info: http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/06/big-in-japan-kare-raisu-japanese-curry-rice.html (English)


Coming Sunday

Japanmarkt 2013 is just around the corner, coming Sunday!
Try real Japanese taste in Leiden.


Support Tohoku with curry rice!

Two years have already passed since the Great Earthquake struck Tohoku. The epicenter of this disastrous earthquake was in Miyagi prefecture and had a magnitude of 9.0. It caused for the deaths of approximately 16.000 people, left 6.000 people injured and caused for 2.500 people to be reported as missing. The houses of more than 150.000 families were destroyed and roads and cities were demolished too. Together with this disaster, cities in Tohoku also suffered considerable damage due to the tsunami.
            Even though this happened a couple of years ago, we still continue to do our best to support the people in Tohoku. At present, we plan on selling curry rice during the Japanmarkt on 19 May. We do this in order to donate as much money as possible to the charity BEYOND Tomorrow.
What is BEYOND Tomorrow?
BEYOND Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization that offers leadership training and scholarships to young Japanese people in order for them to attend top-class universities domestically and abroad, and to give them the opportunity to continue pursuing their dreams and becoming leaders of tomorrow. This coincides with the greatest hope of BEYOND Tomorrow: for young victims of the earthquake to identify a dream, pursue it – and realize it, becoming a leader both on a domestic and global scale. For more information on this organization, please refer to the following site (information in English and Japanese):

What is the Japanmarkt?
The Japanmarkt is a yearly event that is held by the Sieboldhuis and is meant to give an introduction on the Japanese culture to visitors. During this free event, shops will be lined up along one of the most famous and historical streets of Leiden: the Rapenburg. Visitors also get the chance to watch Japanese dance performances. This year the Japanmarkt will be held on Sunday 19 May 2013. Please refer to the link below for more information (information only in Dutch):

What will we do during the Japanmarkt?
We will have a shop at the Japanmarkt, where we will be selling Japanese curry rice. All of our profit will be donated to the organization BEYOND Tomorrow. There will also be the opportunity to donate money through a collection box at our booth as not all visitors wish to eat curry rice, yet still want to make a donation. Also, donating more money than the price of the curry rice itself is more than welcome too. All for the good cause!

Apart from this blog, more on our recent activities can also be found on Facebook. Our booth has its own event page, called [WAKAMUSHA] Japanmarkt 2013. Please let us know whether you’ll come J!

Enjoy the real Japanese taste, help children in Tohoku!


【2011年8月7日 若武者2011年度 締めのご挨拶 // August 7th, 2011: Our closing message for WAKAMUSHA in Leiden 2010】


2か月半にわたる若武者 in Leidenの募金活動は,6月10日をもって終了いたしました。

若武者in Leidenは東日本大震災時にオランダのライデン市に住んでいた日本人学生・市民を中心に設立されました。





Leiden Observatory (ライデン天文台)は、オランダでは一番大きな天文学科ですが、3月25日、メンバーの一人の呼びかけに多くの学生・研究者が応じてくれて、わずか数時間のうちに数百ユーロという額が集まりました。

シーボルトハウスバザー(JAPAN MARKT,5月29日)でのカレーライス100食2時間完売は,その後の若武者の活動の励みになるものでした。また多くのオランダ人の方々が被災地である東北にまつわる情報に興味を持って立ち止まってくださったことは幸いでした。






Dear all,

The donation activities by Wakamusha in Leiden finished in June 10th extending for 2 and halfmonths. The total amount 7337.55 euros have been sent to the World Food Programme (WFP).
History of Wakamusha
Wakamusha is an organization that was established by Japanese students and Japanese people in Liden. We initially launched this organization after the earthquake hit in Japan in March 11th 2011, with the thought that we should do something for Japan. Such thought afterwards, led us to take an action together to start our project(activity).   

1. Donation Campaign on Campuses
We began our project (activity) with collecting donation on two Leiden University Campuses (at Humanities faculty from March 28th to April 1st, at Law faculty in April 12th, 13th, and 15th). There, we called  fund-raising during the day and evening by rotation. We received donation from many people, including students and professors. Throughout the fund-raising, we received warm-hearted messages: “Now, it’s us who help Japan. Japan has supported our country scholarship”. “I hope Japan will be rebuilt as soon as possible”! We heard concerns with Japan asking, “Are your family and friends all right?”. (Fortunately, families and friends of our members are all right). It should be noted that some members individually called donation in her class and to her colleagues.

2. Singelloop Charity Run
We did charity run at Singelloop Run in April 15th, Leiden. As well as on-campus donation, we saw  many people take thought for Japan on that day. Some runners were wearing T-shirt printed “Run for Japan”. We saw a message for Japan which was drawn on the house wall. There was a lady who, realizing we were Japanese, gave 2 euors. Their concerns will encourage not only the people in the devastated areas in Japan but us living in Leiden.

3. Benefit Concert
In May 15th, we held Benefit Concert with help of Heemsteeds Philharmonisch Orchestra and Yumi Goto, a member of Wakamusha and professional violinist in Holland Symfonia. The orchestra gave a splendid performance. Indeed, we felt their love to Japan throughout the performance . At the end of concert unexpected guest surprised us. He was an ex-conductor in the orchestra, who used play with Japanese orchestra for several times.

4. Messenger between Children
Throughout our project, we met school children in Lochtenbergh Tilburg in the Netherlands. Once hearing the news of the earthquake, the children took initiative to collect donation at school. They also drew pictures and sent them to the children in Onagawa-cho (one of the areas where the earthquake hit). The pictures, full of colors and messages written in Dutch and Japanese, will encourage the children in Onagawa-cho. We are proud of being a messenger between the children between two countries.

5. Other activities
We appreciate all the people who supported our project(activity) throughout the following events:

Dordrecht in March 19th
Sushi Bazaar in Haags Montesorri Lyceum in March 25th.
Donation Campaign at Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden in March 30t
Japan Markt in May 29th.

We are also grateful to those who sent money to our bank account (The individual remittance started from 26 March and ended up in June 9th ). Without their contributions, we could not have achieved this project (activity).

For Future
Even though three months had passed, Japan is still under the way of restoration. The scar the earthquake left will remain for many years. We close our project (activity) with the hope that everyone will remember what happened in Japan, Tohoku.

Wakamusha will continue to exist as a Japanese-related community in the Netherlands. We look forward to coming and joining us. We wait for you take actions together for future activity. Any nationalities are, of course, welcome.
Please send an e-mail to: wakamusha.in.leiden@gmail.com

28 June, 2011
Representative, Akira Igarashi


【2011年6月10日 2011年度若武者 in Leiden 解散式 報告 // REPORT: June 10th, 2011.WAKAMUSHA in Leiden 2011 moving on 】

6月10日をもって、今年度の若武者in Leidenを解散することになりました。








なお、来年度の若武者 in Leidenの活動は、大学やオランダのシステムに合わせて8月から開始予定です。


投稿者:蓬生 まり


On June 10th, we had decided to end the year of our acitivity. It is because there are quite many members who have to move on thus become difficult to participate, and also it is the season of changing members.

We have made a video that introduce and summarize our activities of the past few months, however, it is still editing.

It was a home party in a house where we usually have our meetings with the members who had been working together and the guests.

Throughout the activities, we were able to interact with people regardless of age, city of residence, country and ethnicity.

The most important thing about our activity was that,
we are normal students but each of us sought of what he/she can do for our home even though we are far away,
using their attributes, personality and abilities.
This same thought united us, and became supportive not only to each other but also to people around Leiden and other areas of the Netherlands.

There are still many victims who are suffering from 3.11 Japanese Earthquake,
and it will take years.

In Leiden, members are going to move to another place  or start the new year,
however, I want all the members to move on to their paths with the firm thought of "what he/she can do for Japan".

Also, WAKAMUSHA in Leiden starts the activity for 2012 from this August along with the Dutch curriculum and schedule of the universities.

Please keep supporting our activities!

We hope that the victims can recover from the pain and the traumatic experience and set up their daily lives as soon as possible.

Writer: Mari Hosho


【2011年5月29日Japanmarkt in シーボルトハウス報告 // REPORT: May 29th, 2011. Japanmarkt in Sieboldhuis】


若武者in Leidenも、今回ブースを出し、カレーライスを売っていました。

【日時】2011年5月29日(12:00 - 15:00)
募金:79.39 ユーロ
【寄付先】WFP(国連世界食糧計画)  *自分たちの募金を「今」必要とする人々に出来る限り早く届けたいという意向、そして国連の一組織であるという信頼性より。





引き続き若武者in Leidenをよろしくお願い致します。

投稿者:蓬生 まり


Two weeks after the charity concert, there was a bazaar called Japanmarkt at the front of Sieboldhuis in Leiden.
Japanmarkt is a local market that is


[DATE]May 29th, 2011. (12:00 - 15:00)

[PLACE] Sieboldhuis, Leiden.

[PARTICIPANTS] 10 helpers from WAKAMUSHA in Leiden

Japanese curry rice and green tea:489.40 EURO
Donation: 79.39 EURO

WFP (World Food Program)
     * We chose WFP for our motivation toward donating for those who need the donation "now" and also the credibility as a constituent of the United Nations.
    * The same as before.


Generally, when people think of what a typical Japanese dish is like, most people think of Sushi.
Apparently, Japanese curry rice is not familiar to Dutch and other non-Japanese customers.
As a result, it was sold so quickly that about 30 pots of cooked rice disappeared in two hours.
Every time we added rice from the nearby kitchen to the booth, we ran out in ten minutes.

We are very sorry for those who could not get to taste the Japanese curry.

Also, thank you very much for supporting our activity!

Please keep your eyes on our activities.

Writer:Mari Hosho